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Brendan Dowd

Director of Business Development

Avercast Leadership Gene Averill

Brendan’s supply chain career started working as an inventory and production planning manager for a Japanese automotive supply company. Long lead times and high service standards required accurate forecasts. After spending way too much time trying to build elaborate spreadsheets to plan 20,000 line items, he discovered how much easier and effective it was to plan using specialized software for that purpose. His 23-year career has focused on helping companies excel at Demand Management, Inventory/Production/Distribution Planning, and Sales and Operations Planning. He has sold and implemented best practice supply chain systems and processes with over 50 companies throughout Asia/Australia/U.S. including: Kraft, Sara Lee Bakery, The Body Shop, Caltex Lubricants, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, The Lonely Planet, Bunnings Hardware, Stanley Tools, Autometer Products, Lincoln Industrial, Roche Diagnostics, Carrier Air Conditioning, Cooper-Bussmann, Fantastic Furniture, and CSL Pharmaceuticals. Brendan earned a Bachelor of Science in logistics from Indiana University, and an MBA from Northeastern Illinois University. Brendan is the father of 4 active children and enjoys helping coach their sports teams as well as hiking and camping.

Gene Averill

Founder, President & CEO

Avercast Leadership Gene Averill

While in the service of the United States Marine Corps (1959 – 1982), Gene gained invaluable supply chain expertise. Supply Chain Management is crucial to the success of every major institution, but perhaps nowhere is it found more crucial than among military operations. During the early 1970s, the United States military was at the forefront of pioneering supply chain management technology. During this time, Gene Averill was sent by the U.S. military to IBM as part of an elite team to study computer science for the purpose of developing the world’s first automated supply chain planning software system to be used exclusively for global U.S. military operations. Gene’s successful software system development and deployment catapulted him into military leadership where he landed as the commanding officer of the Defense Logistics Agency in Mechanicsburg, PA.

After 23 years of service to his country, Gene retired as a Lt. Colonel from the USMC with the determination to start a software company that would revolutionize supply chain management. To date, over 10,000 supply chain management professionals in 74 countries rely on Gene Averill’s software technologies to keep the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

Over the years the Avercast software product line has received every major accolade offered in the supply chain management industry and has been recognized by such magazines as Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Supply Chain Brain, Food Logistics (among others…) as a top technology provider for supply chains.

Andrew K. Reese, Editorial Director of Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine stated:
“Gene Averill is the kind of supply chain insider whose contributions to the field are helping to raise the profile of Supply Chain in the enterprise. It is because of Gene and people like him who fought their way into the board room that supply chain has become an integral control point in the enterprise.”

Today, Gene not only provides general oversight and counsel to Avercast as a whole, but also personally manages the software development team in order to assure that Avercast software maintains its technological edge.

Jason Averill

Co-Founder & EVP

Avercast Leadership Gene Averill

As a second-generation supply chain expert, Jason manages all of the day-to-day business aspects of Avercast as the executive vice president and co-founder. Jason provides oversight for global sales and marketing initiatives and personally takes part in many Avercast product demonstrations.

Jason has gained invaluable experience learning the supply chain ropes first-hand from his father, Gene Averill. Together, Gene and Jason have implemented Avercast software systems all around the world. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Brigham Young University – Idaho.

In addition to raising a family of 4 children, Jason volunteers many of his nights and weekends as a Firefighter/EMT for the fire department in Ririe, Idaho.

Clark Johnson

Co-Founder & COO

Avercast Leadership Gene Averill

Prior to Avercast, Clark worked as the plant production manager at Decra Roofing Systems, a leading tile roof manufacturer. While there, he gained valuable experience as an end-user of Gene Averill’s software. In 1992, Clark joined Gene’s team and worked as a software salesman, software implementer, product trainer, and supply chain management consultant. Clark eventually assumed the position of COO at Avercast in 2008.

Clark has consulted corporations such as Avery Dennison, Hyundai North America, Monster Energy and Toshiba. He is a renowned speaker in the demand management industry. As COO of Avercast, Clark oversees all professional services and interactions with the customer base.

Clark has raised 4 children and now enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. Clark earned a Bachelor of Science in business management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from California State University, Fullerton.