Accurate Business Forecasting Software

Avercast Business Forecasting software is designed for small to large-sized companies to forecast future product demand. This software makes the financial forecasting process simple, reliable and accurate. This is done through ABF’s 200+ forecasting algorithms.

These algorithms provide the most accurate business forecasting software in the world. Companies that use this product and see the benefits of always having the right inventory at the right time never turn to another solution. Accurate forecasting can give companies the competitive advantage in manufacturing and distributing.

Avercast Business Forecasting software allows functions that cater to your business needs and helps optimize inventory forecasting, thus increasing your overall customer satisfaction.

Business Forecasting SoftwareBusiness Forecasting Software
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    Robust System

    Can analyze 60 months of history and up to 60 months in the future, using over 200 expert algorithms.

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    Forecast Any Level

    Has the flexibility to forecast at any level (SKU, location, customer, warehouse, planner, sales region, groupings, total business, etc).

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    Customer interface is easy to use and combines many options for forecasting. Each user can view all data in a graphical overview.

Financial Forecasting Made Simple

ABF allows business managers to be relieved from the bulk work of financial forecasting for the business. This business forecasting software applies over 200 different forecasting techniques to find which method is best for predicting future inventory cycles item-by-item or on a grouping basis.

As the software automatically selects the “best fit” forecasting method, it creates an environment where the forecast manager has the ability to manage by exception. This saves the manager time by only needing to review the forecasts that are out of budget or significantly different from the expected amount instead of potentially reviewing thousands.

Reporting becomes easy through a built-in dashboard and a Business Intelligence Reporting tool which observes real-time results.

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