Retail Management Software

Managers are empowered by Avercast Retail Analysis, a retail management software, by analyzing millions of POS records instantly. Trends, problems and projections in retail heavy industries are identified through our software by evaluating points of scale.

The power that is harnessed from Avercast Business Forecasting makes ARA the most powerful retail management software in the world. ARA allows observation of a particular sales location to discover if an out-of-stock situation reported by customers matches the actual quantities that should be in that location.

This software allows managers to review sales performance and calculate inventory turns, as well as determine current retail inventory values for “Big Box” retail locations.

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    Contrast Past-To-Current Sales

    Easily analyze year-to-date sales vs. previous year-to-date sales for accurate measurements and projections.

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    Readily Manage Inventory

    Calculate inventory turns and build custom reports to combine sales and inventory levels.

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    Lower Level Visibility

    Utilize up to 10 categories to drill down data into multiple units of measure (units, dollars, cost, margin, etc).

Retail Management Software

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Avercast Retail Management Software

ARA is more powerful than other retail management software systems because it harnesses the power found in Avercast Business Forecasting.
ARA is the vendor management software that can identify locations where you have inventory on hand for “x” periods of history with no sales.
This software can be utilized to drill down to a particular store location to discover if the out-of-stock situation reported by your customer matches the actual on-hand quantities that should pertain to that location.

ARA allows retail analysts the ability to review sales performance, calculate retail inventory turns and determine current retail inventory values for “Big Box” retail locations. Whether your company is small or large, our S&OP software allows your business to manage day-to-day sales and operation plans through its user-friendly interface.

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