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Avercast Sales Forecasting empowers managers and planners to keep forecasts up-to-date with shifts and projected sales. ASF is very powerful and is a user-friendly sales forecasting software that allows real-time coordination between demand planners, inventory forecasters and sales professionals.

Avercast Sales Forecasting software is made with an adaptable interface for any sales professional to use easily. The system is designed to encourage involvement from field representatives and sales experts.

Any changes made will automatically be timestamped, along with any comments from users regarding the nature of the updates. Supervisors can review data at SKU or customer levels and summarize each report by category. Additionally, managers can compare actual sales versus projected forecasts for regions/divisions.

ASF can be adapted to any inventory system to deliver the collaboration businesses need to improve margins, optimize inventory, and increase revenue.

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    Improve Forecast Accuracy

    Improve forecast accuracy through feedback from sales personnel and eliminate the need for additional software interfaces.

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    Visualize Future Sales

    Apply your preferred sales forecasting methods for new stores, regions, or other areas where history may not be available.

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    Modify Data Seamlessly

    Make adjustments at the SKU or any other level; changes at the product level will push changes down to individual parts/SKU levels.

Revamp Revenue Forecasting

Managers access ASF through a web browser with a unique name and password. System administrators can dictate what users can access depending on their responsibilities and the items they sell.

Allowing for a system administrator to have control makes this sales forecasting software more powerful because it allows for greater organization. This also allows the company to better forecast revenue.

Once ASF is accessible, personnel may make necessary adjustments and submit those changes to the demand planner for revision.

The demand planner may also use the demand planning tools available in ASF. Real-time communication eliminates confusion caused when there are multiple software interfaces transferring data.

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