Supply Chain Software

Avercast Supply Chain Software Solutions is the world’s premier supply chain software package. With over 40 years of development and refinement, ASCS helps you to forecast and plan more effectively than ever before. Quickly forecast for the next day, week, month, or even up to five years. Plan inventories more efficiently according to the forecasted demand and then effectively work through your sales and operations planning. Easily sort through forecasts by SKUs or at any aggregate level. Push adjustments made at the aggregate level down to individual SKUs. Automatically populate bill of materials and optimize ordering processes. Collect data from and push data to any ERP completely seamlessly. Reporting is a breeze with Avercast’s newly released Business Intelligence reporting tool.

Do all of this in one seamlessly integrated package with Avercast Supply Chain Software Solutions. ASCS provides the ability to quickly view the status of your forecast with Avercast Dashboard Metrics, as well as define a list of action items to enable you to manage by exception.

These tools may be purchased separately or in any combination in order meet your organization’s specific requirements. The supply chain software within ASCS can be seamlessly used with the other Avercast products to help you as the user experience maximum benefits.

ASCS includes the following products from the Avercast software suite:

Supply Chain Software

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In order to forecast demand accurately, you must have a proven methodology in place. Avercast Business Forecasting software provides you with the technology you need to feel confident about forecasting future product demand. Our demand planning technologies have consistently helped businesses plan the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time.
Avercast Supply Planning provides time-phased inventory planning in daily, weekly or monthly time periods. Based upon your business rules (safety stock strategies, lead times, order multiples and minimums, bill of materials, and other business policies), ASP delivers net purchase requirements for single or multi-level warehouses.
The next generation of Sales & Operations Planning Software. Avercast Sales & Operations Planning software automates the annual business planning process and measures how your business is performing against the original business plan and/or budget. Business managers now have the visibility to see, analyze, and correct problems before they impact the bottom-line. Scorecards are used to track current, historical and future business performance.

Additional Features

Welcome Screen

Quickly review an array of user-specific forecasting and planning action items on your personalized Avercast Welcome Screen. Easily drill-down on action items to determine what steps you need to take in which order to bring your inventory numbers in-line with your current projected demand. Utilize the category drop-down boxes to slice and dice through any level of product hierarchy (or by ABC Codes) in Avercast Business Forecasting, Avercast Supply Planning, and Avercast Sales & Operations Planning. Realize inventory savings by identifying and correcting future problems before they occur.

Supply Chain Software

Summary Overview

Supply Chain Software

Summarizes multiple forecasts for any user-defined aggregate group in any unit of measure (price, cost, units, pallets, weight, volume, cube, etc.). Quickly compare and contrast aggregate level forecast against aggregate level history to determine performance trends and seasonality concerns. An entire library of user-defined reports can easily be selected to aid in your ability to analyze demand data. The Avercast Summary function also empowers you to drill-down to the most detailed view of individual SKUs. With Avercast Summary you can make adjustments to any forecast or budget at any aggregate level and then push those adjustments (via proration) down to the individual SKU level.

Weekly Forecasting

Practitioners know that weekly forecasting can present a wide array of challenges not present in monthly forecasting. The number of weeks in each month, promotion planning, weeks that start in one month and end in another, holidays that occur in different weeks (or months – i.e. Easter) each year, and the types of applicable algorithms to weekly demand data all present unique challenges to the process of weekly forecasting. Avercast Weekly Forecasting readily handles all of these unique challenges and more while simultaneously providing the same array of functions, reporting/graphing and versatility our customers have come to love in Avercast Business Forecasting.

Supply Chain Software

Dashboard Metrics

Supply Chain Software

Dashboard Metrics empower senior management down to demand planners. Dashboard Metrics provides a quick handle on your business. Avercast Dashboard Metrics utilizes intuitive user-defined gauges similar to those found on a car dashboard. Visually see how your key performance indicators are doing in specified areas and in real-time. Avercast recognizes that no two businesses have the same key metrics and has developed Avercast Dashboard Metrics to be flexible enough to handle the metrics reporting requirements of a wide variety of industries.